The word Cadenza is a musical term meaning a virtuoso piece for solo voice or instrument, forming an integral part of an overall work. This represents Cadenza’s vision – by supporting the expression of each person’s unique contribution, talents and skills, the organisation as a whole is enriched and enhanced.

The context of Cadenza’s work is the relationship of individuals to the work that they do, in its broadest sense. Work is a vital part of life for most of us. The current notion of ‘work-life balance’ implies that ‘work’ is something marginal to or in conflict with ‘life’. At Cadenza we believe that by aligning with our core values, we can work in a way which inspires, excites and rewards us, which makes a major contribution to our sense of purpose and meaning in life, and which actively promotes vitality.

Our coaching and consultancy services are designed to release energy and creativity and to open up possibilities to motivate and renew individuals and organisations. We believe that by working from a set of shared values and vision we can create workplaces which inspire and empower people and support them to grow as individuals as well as business owners and employees.

One of Cadenza‘s key frameworks for coaching and consultancy is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). NLP provides a framework which facilitates working with the types of challenge and complexity which business owners, executives and other senior staff have to deal with in today’s organisations. It provides a set of effective tools for enhancing individual performance, and engages with the organisation at a strategic level – facilitating change, supporting transformation, realising vision.

A key element of our work is to help our clients to work with heart and spirit in a way which is meaningful to them.