Business Coaching

“We really enjoyed working with Trish as a coach, and have without doubt gained a lot from it. It changed the way we view our business and make it a business and not just a job with a view/plan much further ahead than we previously had.

“One key thing we worked on would certainly be the financial viability overview which has very much focused us on our turnover/profit figure and the marketing strategy with a focus on lead-conversion. Out turnover increased by over 100% during the three months we were working with Trish, and we are now well on the way to exceeding the targets for the year which we set in our initial strategy session.

“One of the key things Trish did with us was to help us to define our unique selling proposition – USP – I remember thinking she would tell us what it should be, but she really coached us to work on it ourselves, and that was what has really helped us to define and strengthen that and use it to market out business more effectively.

“We always came away from our coaching sessions with Trish feeling really motivated and inspired – which made a real difference to what we are doing in the business.

“Trish also introduced me to Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing, which I love, its still quite inspirational and very relevant, I still pick it up and re read it, but more importantly now use it and back it up with results; the key point that he states and I couldn’t agree more is its a slow process and you don’t get there overnight but you have to keep driving forward…. and if you have put in place all the key elements you do get there….

“Trish, I am more than happy to speak to potential clients for you in person, its all very, very positive!”

Paul and Lisa Marshall, PALI Durham Ltd.

“I worked with Trish to build and develop my business. She helped me to identify the most effective ways for me to move forward, clarified what was important and helped me to work in the most efficient way. Especially in today’s challenging conditions, the skills that Trish can offer are more important than ever. In short, she has a great ability to enable people to achieve results. I can highly recommend Trish Brady.

Mike Cunningham, Director, Confident Performance


Trish coached me and my brother on time-management and motivation. She clearly knows these subjects inside out and delivers her coaching in a way that is easy to understand and a pace that is easy to follow. She is punctual, polite, a great listener and full of useful suggestions. I would very much like to work alongside Trish in the future. We highly recommend her work to anyone keen to improve their working habits

Paul King, Director, 1daylater


“Trish is an amazing business coach! She combines a wonderful, caring, warm approach with a no-nonsense, demanding call to improve your business performance. If you agree to complete goals for Trish, you better get them done! She is relentlessly committed to your success and will give you all the resourcing you need to get it done. But she will demand the best from you! If you haven’t yet enrolled to have her coach you, DO IT NOW! Your business and bank account will thank you!”

Eric Dombach , President , The Coaches Coach


NLP Coaching

“Trish has a wonderful insight into people. She has a very gentle and effective way of working with people to help to get the most out of them and to help them achieve the goals in life and business

John Spiers, Head of RIC Symbology, Thomson Reuters

“Trish is a skilled coach who always takes the time to analyse client needs carefully and fully. She adds value to the process by developing clear strategies and enabling the client to find solutions………I found her interventions very helpful.”

Christina Langley, Founder & Managing Director, Langley Search & Selection

“Trish’s coaching is extremely insightful. She has a great capability in facilitating groups in a rapportful manner to draw out the very best in every individual.”

Tim Spiers, Tim Spiers Ltd

“Trish has given me the skills to deal with my self doubts, and showed me how to put them into practice to enable me to become more confident, and a better teacher.

Clare Barnaby, Teacher

“I found your skill, expertise and ability to be exceptional whilst your style was relaxing and engaging.

I found the alignment exercise to be particularly effective and it has triggered certain key goals for me to work on both in terms of self development but also business development.

I have met many coaches over the past couple of years some good, many unfortunately not so good. Few that I have met have the understanding and capability that you exhibited to me. I thank you for your help and look forward to benefiting from your service again in the near future.”

Clive Allan, LMI-UK


Associate work – Leadership Development Coaching

“My role involves managing networks of sometimes disparate, competitive, challenging people from within the VCS. Trish has helped me to clearly identify what I need to achieve in order to make the networks more effective, and what I need to do to get there. This involves influencing other, many of whom are senior to me to take the same direction. It also involves making a persuasive case to influence decision makers in other sectors.

“Trish has gently challenged me to develop a clear purpose, that is aligned to my values; to have the confidence to express it and to appreciate the effect that it might have on others.

“My behavior is mostly instinctive, Trish has helped me to hone and focus that instinct and I believe that this has and will make me a more effective leader, I will be more effective within my organisation and within the VCS.

Chief Executive, Voluntary Sector Support Agency

“Trish is an excellent coach, patient and understanding, obviously taking the time to get to know just how I work and think. She very much appreciates my strength and weaknesses and has the skills knowledge and experience to give me just the right sort of encouragement.”

Director, Local Disability Service

“Trish is fantastic. I couldn’t have had a better coach. Her objectivity and her perceptiveness and professionalism has helped me more than words can say.”

Director, Voluntary Sector agency


Consultancy/Organisational Development

“Trish and I carried out a Consultancy project with a senior NHS based client whilst we were students together on a Masters programme in Organisational Change and Consultancy at Sheffield Hallam University. I found Trish great to work with and she was able to effectively address the client’s issues as well as stand back from them to ensure that the process delivered the most value for the client.

Simon Wright, Owner, Ark Solutions

“Trish facilitated with clear attention and responsive, listening tone, taking time to gain a clear & detailed understanding of company’s needs. She was thoughtful, thorough and insightful, showing sensitivity and intelligence in her responses and choice of activity. Trish led us through an exercise which was appropriate and powerful. We had a sense of being taken on a journey in which we were leaders and followers in equal measure, through layers of identity to the simplicity at the heart of who we are as a company. Trish’s perceptive, containing energy was balanced with her ability to give space where it was needed – she knew when to listen and when to interject.

“We have come away from the experience with more clarity about what we are happy with and some key issues that need our attention. We all appreciated the balance between freedom and structure and valued the time to reflect.

Directors, The Bare Toed Company