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Is my first coaching session really FREE?

Yes. Your first session is absolutely FREE of charge! It gives us an opportunity to show you how coaching can make a difference in your business. Not only is the session entirely free of charge, within 90 minutes we will GUARANTEE to show you at least 3 ways to grow your business profits! What is more, sign up for a complimentary session, and we will provide you with a FREE business health-check report, worth over £300 as a stand-alone service. So, this session alone could add thousands of pounds worth of profit to your bottom line.

At the end of the session, we will make a decision about whether it would be beneficial for us to work together, based on applying a simple financial model which shows how the improvement in profit in your business will easily pay for the coaching programme. Then we can get you signed up for a coaching programme which will start making a difference to your business immediately

What does a business coach do?

We work with owners and MDs of small and medium-sized businesses. We help people like you to grow their businesses, and make them more successful and more profitable. We also help get your team working together more effectively, taking on more of the work so that you get some time back for yourself.

How does business coaching work?

We use our experience and expertise gained in a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our tried and tested tools and processes help you to work smarter not harder. We help you make the best use of your time and expertise. You can then begin to relax and start to enjoy the benefits of running your own business.

Why should I employ a business coach?

Top athletes and sports people employ coaches to help them to excel at what they do. The coach provides essential support, guidance and encouragement to help the athlete to stay motivated, and, most importantly, to engage in the sorts of behaviour and thinking which will lead them to succeed in their goals. You only need to look at the remarkable success of Team GB at the Beijing Olympics to see the benefits of good coaching. The same thing applies in business.

If you want to be at the top of your game you can’t afford NOT to have a coach working with you. A coach will help you thrive in business and to develop and make the best use of your talents, stamina and resilience. In an economic downturn you have to give even more and we provide you with the edge you need to get ahead.

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